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Is your child’s school helping all children make progress?

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education posts AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) reports for public school and districts. By looking at it, you can tell if your child’s school has met state proficiency goals in English language arts and mathematics.

Students who attend Title I schools that have not made enough progress, may be eligible to receive free tutoring, called Supplemental Education Services (SES). [See Mass PIRC Pointer on SES .] Certain school must also provide an option for families to choose another school that has met state goals.

Massachusetts PIRC has prepared an online version of this data that families can use to easily identify schools that must provide SES or school choice. Find your child's school. (Schools are organized by district.)

Once you find your child’s school, the first 3 columns show the school’s AYP results for English Language Arts (ELA). The AYP results for Mathematics are just to the right of the ELA section. Under each of these two major heading are 3 columns.

  • Made AYP (Aggregate) -- overall average performance of the school.
  • Made AYP (Subgroups) -- the performance of various subgroups, such as English language Learners, low-income students, and students with disabilities.
  • Accountability Status. Schools with a “status” are schools that have not met annual goals for two or more years in a row. (Even if a school meets AYP goals for the student body as a whole (aggregate), it does not meet it AYP goals unless all subgroups have met performance goals.

The last two columns indicate if the school must provide school choice and/or Supplemental Educational Services.

This data is also available on the Massachusetts Department of Education website