ATTN: Although Mass PIRC is no longer funded as of 9/30/2012,
its works will continue as part of the Massachusetts Center
for Family and Community Engagement
at the Federation.
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The Massachusetts Parent Information & Resource Center (Massachusetts PIRC) focuses on empowering parents of children ages birth through high school to play a powerful role in their children’s development and education. By working with parents, schools, and communities, we foster strong partnerships aimed at enhancing children’s school readiness and raising students’ academic achievement. Services are available across the state in both rural and urban communities with intensive services provided in selected targeted school districts.

  • For the youngest children, Massachusetts PIRC provides support and technical assistance to early childhood parent education programs in targeted communities using the Parents As Teachers (PAT) model of family involvement and support.
  • For families of school-age children, we provide information and resources to help them understand key parental provisions of the federal education law, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), and other important education laws that affect their children. Through workshops, publications, a telephone information line, Web site and e-mails, we help families:
    • learn how to read and use school report cards,
    • access opportunities for public school choice,
    • get free tutoring through Supplemental Educational Services,
    • learn about the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS),
    • discover practical ways they can help their children at home to succeed in school, and
    • find out about how education works in Massachusetts.

These resources are intended to help parents better understand their child’s education and how they can take an active role in supporting their children’s learning. All resources are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  • Massachusetts PIRC collaborates with community agencies, faith-based organizations, and others to connect with families and to provide information, resources, and training around parental involvement and how the educational system works in Massachusetts.
  • Massachusetts PIRC works directly with targeted school district administrators, educators, and parent leaders to provide technical assistance around the development and implementation of School Parental Involvement Policies (as required under Title 1-Section 1118 of the No Child Left Behind Act) to support improved student achievement and school performance.
  • For parents, school personnel, administrators, and community organizations across the state, Massachusetts PIRC provides information, resources and free publications on-line at our web site, and via our mailing list. All our publications are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
    • Pointers is a series of briefs that explain important parental involvement provisions of NCLB and other state and federal laws, with a special focus on rights and options for parents and the key terms for families to understand.
    • The Bulletin newsletter focuses on research-based information about the best ways for families to support their children’s education and schools.
    • e-Bulletin messages are sent periodically to parents, schools and organizations on our e-mail network about timely and relevant educational issues.

All Massachusetts PIRC publications are free. To be added to the mailing list and/or e-mail list to receive future issues of Massachusetts PIRC publications, click here.

Upon request, print copies of previously issued publications will be sent to those on our mailing list, as available.